The Center for Monitoring & Activism (CEMA) is the principal non-government and non-profit organization, founded for an indefinite amount of time. Our overarching goal is to support, empower and contribute to developing a democratic and stable society through professional analysis, education and civic activism. People are the greatest asset and the value of our organization.


Since its establishment in 2015, CEMA has conducted activities and developed in-depth expertise on a wide range of issues. Currently, our work is focused on:

- Development of stable and democratic society and modern civic participation in Serbia and the region;

- Scientific and professional research, monitoring, evaluation and recommendation of measures in the public policy sphere aimed at further development and strengthening of a modern civil society in Serbia and the region; 

- Protection and promotion of minority rights and marginalized groups; 

- Promoting the culture of peace and dialogue, media literacy and media freedom; 

- Empowerment of women and youth associations for public representation and advocacy; 

- Strengthening the civic and non-governmental initiatives, ideas, activism and volunteerism;

- Supporting the economic and sustainable development of the community;

- Monitoring the work of public institutions, the rule of law and making recommendations for combating social anomalies and all forms of intolerances; 

- Monitoring the process of European integrations and the implementation of the Brussels Agreement both in Serbia and Kosovo.



- Monitor, investigate and publish information in these areas; 

- Collect and process the scientific and technical literature in the above mentioned areas; 

- Organize, independently or in cooperation with other organizations, professional meetings, conferences, seminars, conferences, campaigns, workshops, training and other forms of professional education in above mentioned areas; 

- Publish books, magazines, newsletters, brochures as well as audio and TV production in above mentioned areas; 

- Organize scientific and professional experts to work on scientific, professional and research projects; 

- Cooperate with professional associations and other organizations at home and abroad, which are engaged in above mentioned areas; 

- Organize volunteer actions in above mentioned areas.